2 February 2023

Sophia – Meet The Team

Last month, Tutor The Nation was delighted to welcome Sophia Taglio to the team! In this blog, we ask Sophia a few questions to introduce her and her role at the charity.

What is your role at Tutor The Nation?

Community and Partnerships Officer

What does your role entail?

I primarily focus on TTN’s ambassador program, growing our corporate partnerships, and recruiting new brilliant tutors to join the team

How long have you been with Tutor The Nation?

Since the beginning of January 2023.

How did you get into the Charity and Education sector?

TTN is my first full-time role after graduating, but I grew up 2 minutes away from my elementary school so from age 4 I was helping teachers set up their classrooms every summer to then tutoring my peers in high school. My experience growing up surrounded by teachers and learning fostered a love for education that I knew would lead to a career in the sector as either a teacher or at a charity! 

What’s your most memorable moment with Tutor The Nation so far?

While I haven’t been here long, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all of our amazing ambassadors! They really are such an unbelievable group of young people who clearly share in our passion for education. I’m excited to continue growing the programme and make more memories along the way 🙂 

Now for some bits about you!

What do you do in your spare time?

I was heavily involved with my university’s lacrosse club and plan to pick it back up now that I’m in London. Beyond that, I’m an avid cinephile, bake constantly, am learning Spanish, and like to embark on an overly ambitious craft project every month or so. Stay tuned for an embroidered/crocheted/quilted Bridget…

Name 5 people you would have at a dinner party (alive or dead)

Bob Mortimer, David Lynch, Dolly Parton, Aubrey Plaza, & Agnes Varda

Where is your dream holiday location?

I honestly want to visit just about everywhere, but I think Vietnam currently wins the top place. 

What was your favourite subject at school?

English Literature.

Tell us about an inspirational teacher who taught you.

My high school English teacher Mr Smith, without a doubt. He fostered the individuality in each and every student who had the privilege of being in his classroom and in doing so gave us all room to form our own critical viewpoints. He encouraged me to study literature at university and was a cheerleader for all my future endeavours.  

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17 March 2023

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